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Shiloh District Cemetery provides full interment services including full burials; and cremation burials in above-ground niches and beautiful in-ground locations.

We are very compassionate and are here for the families of the deceased. We are here to help and are passionate about being available for questions, looking up locations, etc.

We promote accessible and responsive government by being completely transparent in our dealings with the public, our reporting and more. We are in touch with Sonoma County officials, auditors, etc. to ensure that we are in compliance. Our transparency is discussed as part of every engagement we have with the public.

We effectively and efficiently deliver essential local services serving diverse neighborhoods in our tax assessment area. 

SDC builds, operates and sustains critical infrastructure and protects public health and safety for the families that visit us. We operate to strict safety and procedural standards as mandated by the California Association of Public Cemeteries.

Many call not knowing what do to when a loved one has passed away. We walk them through what the mortuary is to do, what we do and how to secure a marker is they so desire. We have excellent relationships with all local mortuaries. We are passionate about safety, before, during and after services and very careful about what is allowed on the grounds as time goes by. Not everyone is happy about our rules and regulations and we are very happy to discuss the reasons; most people understand.

While we are thrifty, we use very good, name brand equipment that is kept in excellent operating condition. This includes edging equipment, lawn tractors, push mowers, heavy-duty leaf blowers, a mobile air compressor and tamper, sod cutter (so we can replace the sod after a service) a backhoe and an excavator used for excavating the earth for a service. We have nothing more than we need in inventory and nothing less.